I don’t think I’m safe, and I don’t think anyone in that newsroom feels that they’re safe,” said C.W. Nevius, columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle.

No, he’s not talking about a crazed gunman stalking the halls, Nevius is referring to the financial slide that has resulted in cutting the newsroom staff by a third. This is from a 2009 article!

Here is a list of now defunct major metro newspapers. Of course not all those papers have folded in the past few years,  but many have.

“We part in sorrow because we know so much lies ahead that will be worth telling, and we will not be there to do so,” the staff wrote in their parting message. “We hope Coloradans will remember this newspaper fondly from generation to generation, a reminder of Denver’s history — the ambitions, foibles and virtues of its settlers and those who followed.”

Instead, newspapers and anyone else who wants to get noticed online, need to rely on companies like this to get noticed. Whereas before the internet (BI) , the local rag was the vehicle to help others get noticed.

Have a look – speaking of the internet:




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